Turning to kayaking as an ideal way to work out and stay healthy

Physical exercise is very important in helping us maintain healthy bodies. Physical exercises are beneficial through different ways. One of the obvious ways that physical exercise is beneficial is the fact that physical exercise

The evolution of kayaking into a modern day recreational activity

Kayaking is increasingly becoming the choice recreational activity for many of the modern day people. Previously, kayaking was not very common with kayaking being an activity that was usually left to the skilled enthusiasts

The evolution of fishing from a vital survival activity to a recreational pastime

Fishing is a prehistoric activity that the primeval man engaged in to catch his food. Fishing was a way of catching food that quickly became one of man’s staple food, especially for communities that

This mammoth problem called weight and how to combat it

One of the biggest problems that faces the modern man today is the problem of weight. Due to the foods that we are eating today combined with our lifestyles, people are accumulating unnecessary weight

The negative impacts of modern lifestyles on health and what can be done about it

Having good health is something that everybody should regard with a lot of importance. This is especially in today’s modern day world where our lifestyles are increasingly becoming detrimental to our health. Today people

The tough challenges involved in hosting and cooking for a mixed crowd

Planning for a social event is no joke. This is especially the case if you are the host and you intend to provide some food and refreshments. It is particularly tough if you intend

Shopping for kitchen appliances is no joke!

Many people love shopping. This is especially when you are shopping for things that you love. Going to the stores and malls and looking at the various products on offer can be quite enjoyable.

Having a workaholic lifestyle and a disinterest of food has lead me to malnourishment

My life literally revolves around my career. Everything I do is about my job. I work as a marketer in a food processing company and I am the head of the department. My position

Fundamental points that should be considered in kitchen management

Managing the kitchen is a vital skill that every woman of the house should have, or anyone who uses the kitchen often and is in control of it. The kitchen is one of the

Growing up to love cooking and finally having it as my career

In college I studied cookery. Cookery is my number one passion. It is a passion that I developed quite young whist helping my mom with chores in our small kitchen. I was the only