The Fragile Breeds of Dogs

Dogs around the world have different kinds of purposes. Some are used as rescue dogs, some are just so adorable and participate in dog beauty shows, some are hired for sniffing purposes and some

Fruits of Worth for Dogs

The utilization of grapes and raisins can cause possible health damage to dogs. Their toxicity to dogs can cause the animal to suffer from acute renal failure (the sudden elevation of kidney failure) with

How to Have Fun in Winters with Your Dog

Winter is an amazing season for those who simply enjoy the cold weather by snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports; but it also becomes trouble for those who don’t know how to enjoy this

Is Your Dog on the Doodle Diet?

An animal’s poop eating habit is called Coprophagia. This includes the consumption of feces of other animals or the animal’s own stool. It’s perhaps most common among the domestic pet dogs and probably very

Pamper Your Pooch While You’re on Vacation

There are many different choices available to pet owners when it comes to boarding and grooming services.  The old style of boarding is becoming a thing of the past as cage-free boarding and luxury

Warning: Dogs Are Dying Due To a Contaminated Brand of Treats

Hearing about these deaths was truly terrifying to me because I can’t even imagine how terrible it would be to have something happen to my dog.  I’ve always known it was important to pay

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When a young girl is growing up, there comes a time when she starts to realize how important her appearance it is. She’ll start to realize what is socially acceptable, and what isn’t. One

What Does your Facial Hair Style Say About You?

As you might be aware, people tend to make judgments based on your appearance. This is why your appearance is such an important thing you should constantly be keeping up to date. It’s not

How To Shave Your Chest Hair Properly

Even if you consider yourself one of the fortunate bunch of men who don’t grow full-fledged forests on your chest, shaving your chest can still be quite a task. If you shave your chest,

Tips To Quit Smoking For Good

Along with the money addictions that seem to plague this world, the addiction to smoking seems to trump it all in terms of being the most popular, but difficult, addiction to get over. Ever